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Conference: “Religion and Humanitarianism in the New Age of Nationalism” (March 16-17, 2018)

A Conference and Discussion on the topic of “Religion and Humanitarianism in the New Age of Nationalism” is happening today and tomorrow (3/16-17, 2018) at UC Berkeley Matrix (820 Barrows Hall).


Scroll down to see the Conference Program and the Poster.

The Program of the event:

Friday, March 16
08:45am-09:30am Registration & Refreshments at Matrix
09:30am-10:45am John Shattuck Keynote
10:45am-11am Break

11am-1pm Panel 1: “Religion and Xenophobic Nationalism”

What has been the role of religion— churches, institutions of civic society,
intellectuals—in the creation and political successes of forms of exclusivist nationalist
rejection of moral universalism?  Two images might be worth unpacking:  a crucifix
behind a razor wire fence guarding the Hungarian border and devout Poles saying their
rosaries in defense of the nation against migrants.
Opening comments: Adam Chmielewski, András Páp, John Connelly

1pm-2pm Lunch

2pm-4pm Panel 2: “Religious Authorities, Laity & Humanitarianism”
What is the relationship between established ecclesiastical authority and
humanitarianism? What are the internal debates and fracture
lines within particular religious communities and especially among the laity on issues like
immigration and gender/sexual equality that figure so prominently in thinking about
moral universalism.
Opening Comments: Jodok Troy, Molly Worthen, Olivia Wilkinson

4pm-5:30pm Wine Reception at Matrix

18:00-21:30 Dinner by Invitation.

Saturday, March 17
09:30am-10am Registration & Refreshments

10am-12pm Panel 3 “What Is To Be Done: The Role of International Business, NGO's,
and States”

What roles can or should important non-religious actors like international business,
NGOs, and States play in mitigating the anti-humanitarian impulses of the new religious
nationalists and nationalisms.
Opening comments: Bennett Freeman, Tehila Sasson, Sam Moyn

12pm-1pm Lunch

1pm-3pm Panel 4: “What Is To Be Done: Religious Institutions & Humanitarianism”
What roles can or should various religion-based institutions play in mitigating the anti-
humanitarian impulses of the new religious nationalists and nationalisms?
Opening Comments: Rev Prof Jane Shaw, George Rupp

3pm-4pm Wrap-Up Discussion
Opening comment: John Shattuck